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A new favorite treatment to combat aging skin. A LHE SKIN tightening machine is applied to the skin to promote collagen formation. The LHE effect on skin texture is based on the stimulation of new collagen growth that will help replenish and even out the shrunken dermis layer. Tone and texture improve and fine lines and wrinkles fade as collagen rebuilds. This is recommend to be done every two (2) weeks for 6-8 sessions


How does it works?

Periorbital wrinkles and skin laxity are the first, most noticeable signs of facial aging. LHE Skin Tightening is pain-free and clinically proven to improve these effects. Skin appears firmer, smoother and younger as it loses its laxity and wrinkles fade, creating a natural lifting effect.

Infrared light penetrates deep into the lower dermal levels and sets off a mild dermal trauma to initiate a wound/heal response. The collagen found in these levels responds with new growth, returning firmness and elasticity to the skin.

LHE Skin Tightening emits infrared light energy in a proprietary, 30 second multi-pulse algorithm. This provides optimal deep dermal heating while preventing epidermal over heating. The broadband infrared light reaches a penetration depth of 1-3 mm, targeting the reticular dermis. Dermal temperature is raised to 50-60 Celsius, while temperature of the epidermis is maintained below 40-42 Celsius to minimize pain and avoid any potential side effects. Results are often visible as early as the 5th week and continue to improve with time.